Conversation about menstrual health and menopause should take place at all levels of society – among families and friends, in school, and in the community – and these conversations should inform the creation and implementation of public policy. Additionally, the full range of menstrual experience, as lived by individuals of different genders, socioeconomic statuses, levels of ability, cultures, and more, should be represented in the menstrual education and activism narrative. Not all women menstruate, and not only women menstruate; menstruators refers to cis women, transmascunilities, and non-binary people, and it is important that we stand as unremitting allies for the non-normative menstruators among us. 

Before reaching puberty, all children need to have accurate and developmentally appropriate information about their body and the processes that take place therein. But talking about the changes that happen during adolescence can be an uncomfortable experience, especially in a society that cloaks menstruation in silence and taboo. Menstrualidas offers you opportunities to unlearn and co-construct your relationship with menstruation, learning  how we can collaborate to normalize and destigmatize the menstrual cycle with empathy and solidarity.

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An effort to visibilize menstruation and bring attention to the fact that many people not only endure the stigma related to the menstrual cycle but also lack the supplies to manage their menstruation.


  • Educate how to live the menstrual cycle from knowledge and agency
  • Unlearn taboos and myths
  • Recognize pre-puberty and menstrual cycle processes

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